Check-in/Check out

Check in will be in 2297 of the BYU Conference Center from 2-3:30pm on Monday.

Housing: Plan to check in at the Heritage Halls Central Building to receive your room key. Place your belongings in your dorm room then come to the Conference Center to check in to the camp. 

Session 1: Female housing in Heritage Building #28, male in #29

Session 2: Female housing in Heritage Building #28, male in #25

Non-Housing: Please come towards the end of check-in to avoid wait time before Habits starts (while housing participants are checking into their dorms).



Housing: Participants must be picked up before 9am on July 6 (Session 1) or July 13 (Session 2) from their dorm buildings (listed in check in information).

Non-housing: Habits ends at the end of our activities on Friday for those that purchase the "Evening Pass". For those without the "Evening Pass", dinner is not included on Friday (or any day other than Wednesday) but you're welcome to join the end of camp activities on Friday. The dance on Friday night ends at 10pm at the Conference Center. Plan to be picked up before 10pm.