Here's what participants are saying about their camp experience

“The activities we did were very fun and important because I have really been struggling with making friends and now I have two more friends.”

“I really liked the many chances that we had for growth; hikes, friends, thoughtful discussions, etc.”

“I felt like the hike was a physical and tangible representation of the journey I'm trying to take. The whole way I was thinking about my goals and thinking, ‘If I can finish this hike, I can finish anything I want!’”

“The most effective learning experience for me has been with other campers share experiences that I can relate to.”

“I loved the speed that the material was covered in the classes, also the switch of teachers and the relaxed classroom was really good.”

“I have become a better person. I understand myself now.”

“I enjoyed when our team split off on our own and our leaders gave us a lesson and background. It really got me thinking about my priorities.”

“The classes were all really great and the activities were BOMBIN'. Like seriously, SO fun. The friending thing was GREAT.”

“I loved the stories told in the classes because they added context and understanding between the students and teachers.”

“The counselors are really awesome!! Very reliable and relatable ?.”

Here's how the camp experience has motivated participants

“I'm excited to be able to communicate better and realize that I can control my feelings.”

“These habits are going to improve my relationship with my parents. Ultimately they are my most important relationship right now. My parents have achieved and they want me to achieve too.”

“I am going to work on doing first things first since I love planning and getting stuff done. But as much as I hate to admit it, I usually save the most important things for last, which leads to procrastination and bad grades.”

“Habit 5 (seek first to understand, then to be understood) has helped me so much. Me and my dad don't listen to each other. I will try now.”

“I was bad at prioritizing before this camp, and I've learned a lot I plan to incorporate in my life.”

“I'm most excited to live the very first habit (be proactive) because I used to be a complainer, but now I'm going to be able to make more friends.”

“I want to use the habits to improve my relationship with my little brother. We don't get along very well, but I've been inspired by the stories of change that I've heard from my group members.”

“I have learned to be positive and proactive and have used this all week. Whenever I think something mean, now I stop myself.”

“I'm going to incorporate first things first into my life because I need a better short term way of setting and keeping goals. Time to change five plus hours of computer games every day.”

“Living the habits is going to improve my relationship with my parents. They see the potential in me, and I owe it to them to be nicer and more productive.”