Here's what participants are saying about their camp experience

“I liked learning about the habits by hearing stories. They really inspired me and taught the habits very well. It also made it more memorable.”

“I really enjoyed the unity games and the personal alone time. It was the perfect amount of time. I also really loved how all the counselors were really excited and went around and really got to know all of us. It made me more excited about everything.”

“The most effective learning experience for me has been with other campers share experiences that I can relate to.”

“I love the 7 Habits!”

“I have always been interested in the 7 Habits and I love meeting new people, so it was a win-win.”

“Overall this camp was great. I enjoyed the freedom we were given, so long as we act sensible. I also enjoyed not being forced to participate, but being kindly encouraged instead.”

“I really enjoyed everyone's enthusiasm throughout each day. It made the camp great.”

“I was a really fun camp. A lot of great things were included. I honestly love the book.”

“This camp helped me set goals to become a better person and helped me prioritize my life, all while making me so much happier. LONG LIVE HABITS CAMP.”

“Had this paper been bigger I would have filled it in detail of the fun and amazing things I have discovered at this camp. Thank you so much for the opportunity to have this amazing experience. I love you guys and I feel the love.”

Here's how the camp experience has motivated participants

“These habits are going to help me improve my relationship with my mom. She tries hard to convince me to unplug, but I don't always see that.”

“I'm going to focus on improving my relationship with ALL my family—parents, uncles, cousins, grandparents, siblings, etc. I have a long way to go, but because of the 7 Habits, I know which route I'm going to take.”

“I'm most excited to start living Habit #2 (begin with the end in mind). I'm ready to start planning my future.”

“I am going to work on doing first things first since I love planning and getting stuff done. But as much as I hate to admit it, I usually save the most important things for last, which leads to procrastination and bad grades.”

“I'm going to incorporate first things first into my life because I need a better short term way of setting and keeping goals. Time to change five plus hours of computer games every day.”

“I'm most excited to live the very first habit (be proactive) because I used to be a complainer, but now I'm going to be able to make more friends.”

“The habits are going to improve my relationship with myself. Before I came to this camp, I beat myself up a lot and I was really down on myself.”

“I want to use the habits to improve my relationship with my little brother. We don't get along very well, but I've been inspired by the stories of change that I've heard from my group members.”

“I have learned to be positive and proactive and have used this all week. Whenever I think something mean, now I stop myself.”

“I was bad at prioritizing before this camp, and I've learned a lot I plan to incorporate in my life.”